Grant Cousineau, Eric Jorgenson, Evan Wiseman, and Robert Zeise

Robert Zeise
Bob A. Zeise has written on novel-length works for the last seven years. Five years ago he finished the first version of a memoir Let There Be Dark and dispersed it to friends. Over a few more years Bob OCDed on the memoir, whippn' up two more distinct versions, which changed from a memoir to a ficoir (fictionalized memoir) titled Megalomaniac and BeelzeBob. Now in his seventh year of obsession he's switched gears again and has reconverted the ficoir into a memoir, Zipolar. He’s also working on a Sci-Fi trilogy centered on Nanotechnology, Virtual Reality, Religion, and Revolution.
Evan Wiseman
Evan Wiseman is a fiction enthusiast of all mediums, genres, and levels. While he has no formal education beyond a creative writing elective acquired along the way to a bachelor's in Kinesiology-specializing in exercise and fitness, the wonderful world of text books, formally trained friends, and YouTube has helped him go from fantasizing of writing to becoming a twice-published author of short stories and aspiring novel author. While talent is well and good, there is no substitution for hard work and an iron will. And copious amounts of coffee.
Grant Cousineau
Grant Cousineau is currently a sales consultant with Humana and finished his first novel manuscript in 2016, which is now in the hands of a few friends/trusted editors. Grant has been writing fiction for about 15 years, and was a finalist for Glimmer Train’s 2011 Short Story Award for New Writers competition. He’s also been a member of Barnes & Noble’s Writing Workshop group for about six years, helping writers of all genres and generations improve their stories.
Eric Jorgenson
Eric Jorgenson is a writer and an artist, frequently found with an old Nikon slung over his shoulder. He’s published several short stories and photographs in UWGB’s Sheepshead Review, and is currently working on the first draft of a novel. Whether inspiration has hit or not, you’ll likely find him at his laptop, writing, designing, or drawing whatever narratives happen to be going through his head at the time. When he’s not being creative at home, he’s applying his writing and artistic talents in a variety of part-time jobs, including graphic design for UWGB and copywriting for The Karma group.

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